Cumming Family Medicine

770-205-1294  (All Locations)

Main Clinic: 765 Lanier 400 Parkway, Cumming, Georgia 30040
Branch Clinics: Pirkle Ferry Road, Dawson 400, Foothills


The Cumming Family Medicine administrators perform the important tasks that help our health care providers address the medical needs of our patients in an efficient and professional manner. The goal of the administrative professionals at Cumming Family Medicine is for our office to run smoothly and promptly serve the needs of our patients.

The administrative offices of Cumming Family Medicine can be contacted as follows.

Telephone Contacts (all locations)

770 205-1294    Appointments, Medical Records, General Information
770-887-4597    Fax
770 781-6386    Billing Department
770 781-6374    Fax only for Billing Dept.

Mailing Address/ Billing Address (all locations)

Cumming Family Medicine
P.O Box 2487
Cumming, GA 30028

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Cumming Family Medicine
765 Lanier 400 Parkway
Cumming, Georgia 30040

Telephone: +1 800 603 6035
FAX: +1 800 889 9898
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