I've been going to Cumming Family Medicine for years and so does my son and daughter-in-law. I love, love, love Dr. Reddy. She is the most caring, giving of her time, and a wonderful doctor. I cant say enough great things about her. Thank you Dr. Reddy.

Jill R., Cumming, GA,

I was working in my house when I cut my finger and had a deep laceration. I don't have any insurance and couldn't afford to go to the ER. I was searching online and found this office. Dr. Krishna immediately took me in, they didn't make me wait at all. If I was at the ER I would've been waiting for hours!! And they're prices are very affordable. She stitched me up right away and they conveniently have an X-ray place on the second floor of their building, where she then sent me. I found out I had sawed off a little piece of my bone. Which they told me my results right away. I would highly recommend Cumming Family Medicine to anyone and Dr. Krishna for their prompt service, never in my life have I had such proper care at a doctor's office. This is how all office's should be run. She is by far the best doctor in Cumming, GA. She has even won awards for being the top physician. You will never get this type of treatment at the ER or even other offices. Definitely will be coming back here from now on!!

Aubrey D., Gainesville, GA.,