Preventive Medical Care

Preventive, and maintenance, care are important steps you can take to manage your health. Regular checkups with your doctor can help identify lifestyle changes you can make to avoid certain conditions, and can lead to earlier diagnosis and easier treatment. Talk to your doctor about which screenings and immunizations are right for you.

Cumming Family Doctors educate our patients in disease prevention and health maintenance. They care for your entire well-being, including your mental and emotional needs. Our family doctors provide treatment to you and your family over long periods of time and know your medical history very well. They know what’s “normal” for you and are often the first person you confide in when you experience new or unusual symptoms. Your family doctor’s familiarity with your medical records helps to quickly recognize a significant change that might indicate a serious or hidden condition. They can also help manage all prescription medicine. Receiving medicines from multiple doctors, clinics or hospitals can be dangerous. Your primary care doctor can help coordinate your complete care and review medicines from multiple sources.

Schedule your appointment today and take the first step to improving your health and lifestyle.

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